Acting pragmatically for the public good
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Uhomtec volunteer team was established
Uhomtec volunteer team was established

In 2021, in order to further promote the construction of the socialist core value system, vigorously promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, inspire the selfless dedication of Uhomtec people, and comprehensively promote the group’s volunteer service business, Uhomtec will consult with Li Yongfeng, chairman of the Longgang Volunteer Federation. Formation of voluntary groups. Then, Uhomtec Group formally established a group volunteer team.

New Volunteer Training
In August, Uhomtec invited Miss. Chen Meng from Longgang Volunteer Federation to train the Uhomtec volunteer team. Miss. Chen Meng covered basic knowledge of volunteers, correct orientation of volunteers, how to improve themselves, volunteer etiquette, information management, participation in practice, and common Questions and other seven aspects are explained and guided in detail.

Mental Health Theme Seminar

In September, the Uhomtec volunteer team participated in the "Secrets of maintaining a good state of mind in the workplace" at the Longgang Socialist Core Values Experience Center. At the meeting, Mr. Li Jiahao, a national second-level psychological counselor, systematically analyzed and explained three aspects: the current state of the physical and mental state of the contemporary workplace, the misunderstanding of the adjustment of the physical and mental state of the workplace, and the secret of learning how to mediate the physical and mental health of the workplace.

"Mission Responsibility, Going Against the Wind"
Since September, the Uhomtec volunteer team has participated in the "Mission Responsibility, Going Against the Wind" Longgang District Anti-epidemic jointly organized by Longgang Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Shenzhen Social Welfare Foundation, and Shenzhen Longgang District Volunteer Workers Federation Volunteer Sports Care Project.

There are 9 sports caring activities in this series, including public welfare training (3 sessions), hiking (1 session), runaway (4 sessions), running (1 session) and other popular sports events, aiming to care about anti-epidemic volunteers To improve their physical quality, guide them to strengthen their training; affirm their selfless dedication; create a new era of Chinese public opinion atmosphere in the whole society with a sense of responsibility, gratitude, and mission. ——Epidemic prevention is for everyone, everyone is a volunteer!

Uhomtec Group donated money and materials, and the Uhomtec volunteer team participated in every activity of this series of public welfare projects throughout the whole process, doing their bit for the public welfare.

"Gathering the power of all people and doing pragmatic actions"

On December 3, 2021, the theme activity of "Gathering the Power of All People and Acting Pragmatically" Longgang District 12.5 International Volunteer Day and the launching ceremony of the Year of Deepening and Improvement of Community Grassroots Governance by Volunteering Service Participation was held in the Fenghua Hall of Longgang District Youth Palace.

At the meeting, leaders from the Organization Department of the Longgang District Committee, the Ministry of Justice, and the Volunteer Federation commended outstanding volunteer groups and individuals in 2021. Uhomtec Group was honored to be awarded the title of "2021 Caring Enterprise".

Uhomtec will insist on public welfare to the end

Uhomtec will be based on the new era, show new actions, carry forward the volunteer spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress, continue to carry out various corporate themed activities around social welfare, corporate team building, employee growth, employee care, etc., and be enthusiastic about social welfare undertakings , inject warmth into the city’s beautiful life.
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